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What Is an Off-Grid Solar System

What Is an Off-Grid Solar System?

What Is an Off-Grid Solar System? An off-the-grid solar system is a system of solar panels that make a house or a household entirely or close to being self-sufficient in terms of energy production. Although it is very hard to build a truly autonomous home, the energy system can be autonomous at the very least. And that is very viable for rural houses or cabins. Furthermore, an off-grid solar system can be used merely to power the conditioning of the house to keep the attic nice and cold during the summer months.

What Is an Off-Grid Solar System?

A full off-grid solar system usually consists of solar panels (a solar array) that generate power; a PV combiner box – a box that protects the system from short circuits; charge controllers, which ensure that the batteries don’t go overdrive; and a current inverter, which turns the solar panels’ DC power to usable AC electricity. An electrical generator (wind or fuel powered) is optional, but many times necessary, as unpredictable weather patterns can disrupt the power supply.

Solar panel efficiency is increasing day by day as technologies progress. Ambitious green living enthusiasts predict that solar energy will be cheaper than grid electricity by 2015–at least in the more sunny regions. However, note that solar panels do have an expiry date, and you should always check the projected “life expectancy” of the panels you opt to purchase. This will ensure the viability of your project. Sunny, off-grid solar systems can vastly decrease power costs, as the initial payment for getting the grid to a remote location can be quite high.

Australia has the second cheapest electricity across the globe, but still, there are numerous advantages to using an off-grid solar system even if you don’t save that much money. First of all, you are doing planet earth a favor by using a power that’s acquired from renewable resources. Secondly, if you have a generator, you are more protected against power failures than other inhabitants of the same area. And lastly, an autonomous power supply is an excellent way to become independent of public sources, which often don’t take enough care of the average customer.

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